Monday, February 7, 2011

Mer-naga Colors

This drawing was up for sale last week, and the buyer paid extra to have it inked and colored with Prismacolors.


Hey, guys.

I'm finishing up my last batch of commissions, so I'm wide open for anyone who'd like to get on the list.

I draw superheroes, mythology, comic book characters, bondage, etc.

Adult content is fine within reason. No graphic porn, please. If you have any question about content, please email  me. I rarely turn anyone down.

Price List:

#1. One character, inked, no background* $18.00

#2. Two characters, inked, no background* $28.00

#3. One character, inked, COLORED with Prismacolors $25.00

#4. Two characters, inked, COLORED with Prismacolors $36.00

#5. One character, inked, with digital gray tones** $23.00

#6. Two characters, inked, with digital gray tones** $33.00

*A simple prop or a simple backdrop like a cloudy sky are doable at no extra charge.
**NOTE: For digital gray tones, you will receive a high resolution file by email. Shipping charges for the black and white lineart still apply.


PAY SHIPPING ONLY ONCE. Multiple commissions will be mailed together.
I can email you a high resolution scan at no charge if you don't want the original art mailed to you. That's no problem.

Commissions are drawn on 8.5" x 11" white card stock.

Here's how it works...

1. You note me (or email me)telling me what you'd like.

2. I quote you a price.

3. You pay through paypal.

4. Within 2 days I email you a preliminary sketch for you approval.

5. You email me back witha description of any changes you'd like me

to make.

6. I email you a new scan of the modified drawing within 2 days.

7. You give me the go-ahead to ink (assuming you're satisfied).

8. Within 7 days I email you a scan of the completed inks.

9. In a few days (longer for international orders) you'll receive the art in the mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to note me or email me at

powguero00 (at) yahoo (dot) com .