Thursday, January 28, 2010

Madam Masque!

I sometimes think I'm taking on too many projects. Then I stop and remember that Hey! I love to draw! Although I feel the pressure sometimes, it truly never feels like work.

Here are some of the things I have cooking on the artistic stove as we speak:

About twenty commissions (that'll keep me busy for the next three weeks or so).
Two interview questionaires.
A five page Sovereign contribution to the Arcadia Comics Anthology.
A weekly webstrip.
A daily sketch blog (

So needless to say, this blog has been updated a little less frequently than before. Not because I'm not completing commissions fast enough, but because I don't have the times sometimes to put the art up and write something. I don't like to just post a drawing with no text. That's what the sketchblog is for.

Anway, to those of you who visit this site on a regular basis, feel free to leave a comment. But whether you do or not, it doesn't matter.
I appreciate you checking out my work all the same.

Take care,


Madam Masque (c) 2010 Marvel Entertainment, Inc.

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