Friday, April 16, 2010

Cyclone Commission (inks)

Cyclone commission, inks.

I haven't read comics regulary for years, so I was completely unaware of this character. She has a pretty cool costume design. Its not too often that we see candy-cane-style leggings on a superhero.

I read an interesting article by Augie De Blieck entitled "Artists: Stop Tracing. Start Cartooning Again," in which he all but attacks those comic book artists who insist on using so much reference and tracing techniques that it milks all the art of a given piece.

I loved it! I found myself shouting (internally) "Amen!" to myself at various points in the article.

That brings us to this drawing of the JSA's Cyclone. I used some drapery reference for the sheet over the piece of furniture, but for the body I did it completely from my head. Sure, I could have scoured the internet for the perfect pose and just copied it directly, and it might have looked better.

But no. I designed the figure best I could, and I was true to myself.

I do life sketching frequently now, but just for the purpose of sketching. The idea is that with each sketch you do from life, more of what your eye and hand committs to memory sticks, and you're eventually able to piece objects and scenes together without the aid of a model in front of you.

That's my ultimate goal.

Cyclone (c) 2010 DC Entertainment, Inc.

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