Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mary Marvel Commission #1

Mary Marvel is quickly gaining on Power Girl for the title of most commissioned character.

This commission is the first of two Mary Marvel commissions I've been working on this week. But they're for different buyers, incidentally. This one was an homage to an old cover from the 40s (maybe early 50s).

I'm not sure which issue the character first appeared in, but the comic this cover is based on is called "WOW".

I'll be finished with Mary Marvel #2 tomorrow or the next day.

1 comment:

  1. Thought that pose looked familiar. They also re-used it in Power of Shazam #4.

    It's obvious why Power Girl is highly commisioned. Mary Marvel is a different story. She is one of the last "pure" characters along with Captain Marvel. They had that "Golly Gee" sort of personality. I'm sure some of your commisions will want to preserve that, while others will seek to defile it.

    I think DC finally got around to making her a bad girl. I've seen some dark versions of her on the web. She's wearing a Black Adam inspired costume.

    Too bad.
    She was one of the last "good girls".