Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sneak Peak!

Over the last few days I've completed some commissions, but nothing I can place on an All Audiences blog like this one. I can, however, post something that I've been working on after hours. Something a bit more personal.

This is a panel from a webcomic I'm working on featuring a simple hero vs. villain battle. Very reminiscent of Spider-Man and he Vulture. As a matter of fact, my villain is named "The Bat." Kind of generic, I know, but that's the fun.

You'll notice that this style is a little looser and organic that I'm used to. The reason behind that is that these spolight webcomics of my characters are to get readers acquainted with the Halcyon Universe. And to just make some fun comics (not that my other stuff isn't fun!). With this project I'm less interested in making fine art than I am with productivity. The goal is to tell the stories.

I had originally named the hero Daredevil, after the Golden Age Public Domain character (and not Marvel's). However, as I started thinking out the character's backstory, he became more and more important. And I realized that it would be best to come up with a different name, one that didn't hold the weight that "Daredevil" does. Even though it would be my legal right to use it.

The Golden Age Daredevil has had numerous incarnations over the years, most recently in Dynamite Comics' Project Superpowers, where he has become "The Death-Defying 'Devil". And in Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, where the character has retained his classic name and appearance (as well as entourage).

Over the next few days I'll reveal the name that I decide upon. I have a couple bouncing around in my head. I had the perfect one earlier, but a search on showed me that it was already taken by a similar character. In a book I read on a regular basis, no less! No wonder it sounded familiar!

Enjoy this sneak preview. I'm four pages into it, and I'll be launching the webcomic once this little short is finished. Then I'll move on to another character to spotlight.

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  1. Very cool! I was wondering about this webcomic since you mentioned it on myspace. Looks great! Has some of that Erik Larsen looseness to it!
    Can't wait to read it!