Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Americana Kite Commission

The character in this commission is Americana. Anyone who's been watching my posts over the last couple of years has seen her on more than one occasion. She's the creation of K.C. Ryan. He commissions covers for his superhero prose. You can find stories of Americana and other creations of K.C.'s at http://kcryan.com. Check it out!

I finished this last night, but I decided to wait until morning to post it because the scanner was being difficult. I got the bare minimum of commission work done yesterday because there's a comics deadline fastly approaching on Thursday, and I spent two hours yesterday morning putting the finishing touches on it. I'll post information about that project in the near future.

As for today, I have to draw two preliminary sketches and ink one commission. Maybe two. Stay tuned.

Americana (c) 2009 KC Ryan

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