Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tinkerbell, Goddess of Thunder

Project #1:The Marvel-ous Tinker Bell
I'll let the description for this commission speak for itself.

Mortally wounded by Heimdal, Loki beheld the scenes of Ragnarok unfolding before him. His children slain by the Aesir. But before his life ebbed away, the trickster had one last prank to play. Making his way to the spot where his half brother Thor had succumbed to the poison of the Midgard Serpent, Loki grasped his brother's enchanted hammer and with his final strength cast it over Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. With its one true master, Thor, and last possessor dead, Mjölnir soared over Midgard, past the second star on the left straight towards the morning until landing in a isolated hollow on a small island called Never Land.

The fairy magics which were part of its creation allowed the fairies to lift and move the hammer to a a place of honor among other tokens of their magic. And there the enchanted hammer rested, until one fateful day when a very special fairy arrived in the enchanted lands of Fairy Hallow.... Tinker Bell.

1 comment:

  1. Cool concept.
    But wouldn't Tink be WAY too small to lift Mjölnir?
    (That would be like giving Wasp the Hammer.)

    Still very creative.
    And now that Disney owns Marvel,....
    It could even happen.